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To say that she’s an awesome musician is an understatement. She’s beyond awesome! In fact, she’s the new definition of awesome.

1. She’s an amazing violinist

2. She dances, rocks out in her videos

Her videos are the definition of MUSIC, CREATIVITY and ENTERTAINMENT.

Check out her original composition – Crystallize – below! 

With more than 22 million views and approximately 360,000 likes on YouTube, you know she’s the real deal. It’s enchanting, captivating… it’s like you’re watching a movie in the cinemas! Thanks to Devin Graham for his amazing cinematography. Yes, he made it, all those crystal like features. Check his works out here –

Oh by the way, the video I just shared with you is dubstep music. Well, dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music.

With or without dubstep, it’s superb! 

Such a talented musician, she’s only 25 years old! As stated on her YouTube channel – Her kind of music will never get boring, even as time passes. She goes everywhere to film her videos, really cool don’t you think? She does collaborations as well.

Quick, go check her out! 

Would I say that she’s underrated?  Yes, she has only 658,310 subscribers. I think she deserves more though the number of subscribers doesn’t necessarily determine one’s popularity (some people may not have YouTube account). Then again, it’s YouTube we’re talking about. She needs like at least 1,000,000 subscribers!

Subscribe to her today and let her surprise you. 

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All Night Affair

I figure I should do something different ’cause sometimes doing something different is good.

Created a new category “Music Recommendation”, I bet y’all know what it’s gonna be all about.

Let’s begin with…



Singer/songwriter Dylan Ronan and his band are based in Boston, MA.

Stumbled upon this talented musician on Twitter, where I received a notification that my Twitter account was followed by AllNightAffair (

Check out one of his covers below: 

An original composition (I know the length of the video is 12 minutes but the song content isn’t! Don’t worry.) : 

How’s that? I hope his music is to your liking.

I really like “Love Struck”, there’s something unique about the composition.

Song writing is not an easy feat.

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