About The M.Lover

Piano keypad Name’s Verisa.

Start off with the fundamentals:

  • I can be a real entertainer or a good listener who listens and speaks with her heart
  • I’m one who’s serious when it comes to work but soft-hearted when it comes to individuals
  • I love God, my family, my pal, my friends and everyone else in my life

The extras, if you ever need to know:

  • Academic Status: Year 3, Law & Management Student (+ OTCM + HuhD + TNS )
  • Favourite Sports: Swimming, Playing Badminton, Frisbee and Basketball, & Cycling
  • Interests: Medicine, Music, Art, Food, Cooking, Architecture & Design, Charity Work and Photography
  • Languages: 6
  • Movie/TV Show Genres: Action, Horror, Law, Medical, Mystery
  • Musical Instruments: Piano, Keyboard, Accordion, Cello, Violin & Guitar
  • Others: Ex-Yamaha Music School Student, Semi-Acrophobic (due to a close death experience many years back)
  • Religion: Christianity (Protestant)

8 thoughts on “About The M.Lover

  1. soniyah says:

    verisaaaaaaaaaaa. never miss me ah? link me up lehzxzxzx.

    • veecreation says:

      hahahahahaha. miss, miss, of course miss la.
      how can anyone not miss Sonia? XD
      urm, i memorise all links, so no need link okay??
      but if you really really really want me to link, then I will la.
      I visit your blog everyday, you dont know right??

  2. Aini says:

    Hey, I saw me there..
    I am NUR Aini btw

    I still rmb that day seh..
    I left SJAB just to meet you..
    Especially for you..
    I\’m being lame anyway..
    ok.. that is lots of \’hahaha\’ in there..

    Anyway, wish you all the best in your studies and
    I MISS YOU!!!!

    • veecreation says:

      Hahahaha. What a surprise to see you here!
      Yeah, as stated in your email address, I know it\’s NUR AINI.
      Mhmm, you left SJAB just for that cause.
      But I don\’t think it was solely because of me.
      Thanks so much.
      All the best to you too!
      IMY. (:

  3. Amy says:

    *Gasp* 6 languages???

    How do you do! I like Adidas a lot too! Cool blog. Cheers!

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