Should I Be Honest?

Should I be honest?

It’s nothing like that I haven’t been honest all these years, it’s just that, I haven’t gotten the chance to tell you how I really feel. I tried, a couple of times before, but you didn’t seem to register the truth well enough to remember them today. Because if you did, I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

You know, I don’t like it when you get busy because it’s the busy moments that never fail to let me see you as someone else. Someone I never knew. Your actions made me feel like we’re mere strangers. No matter how understanding I am and can be, I just can’t help feeling a little sad. Should I be honest? I’m feeling a little neglected.

There’s so many things I want to tell you but I haven’t been able to. I’ll write to you, once we’re done with school.

Right now, I just wonder, you were the one who initiated everything but why am I the only one who’s maintaining it? I’ve been putting my best foot forward, giving everything my best only to get the feeling that I’m doing all that on my own. Where are you? Should I be honest? I thought we’re gonna do this together, that’s why we’re best friends to begin with.

Should I be honest? Despite all the flaws, I still feel blessed to have you in my life.


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