Can’t We?

If you know me well, you’ll know that it’s not everyday that I’d envy someone, let alone get jealous.

There’s a group of people I envy very much. That group is made up of Haziqah, Lydia, Mary, Farhana and Atikah.

You know your day will not go wrong with them around. I know that. You’d smile and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, even if it means that you’re just watching them have fun. And within the group itself, I envy Haz and Lydia the most. They share and display such close relationship. Or, friendship as some people may prefer to call it. I witnessed it many times before and as a third person, I felt touched.

Each time I look at either one of them embrace the other in her arms, or lean on her shoulder, comforting her, I grow with envy. And I’d always end up smiling to myself. Aren’t they such sweet friends? Wait, they’re not just ordinary friends, they’re like best friends, like sisters. They never fail to show the other abundant love and care, and it’s visible to many.

I don’t like to compare and I’m not comparing right now. What I want to say is that sometimes, I’d end up thinking to myself, “Why can’t we be like any other best friends around?”

“Why can’t we be ordinary best friends?”

I always believe that although we’re not physically close, we always keep each other in our thoughts. But sometimes I just can’t help but wish we’d be around for each other. It’s not that I don’t have faith, it’s not that I’m unhappy with who we are, what we have and the way we are, it’s just that sometimes, I want it to feel real. That’s all.

Another 25 days left for me to leave permanent footprints in your heart, your life. I don’t want to be forgotten after we  officially depart from the school. Especially not by you. 


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