Special Dedication

Today’s by far the best day since the unexpected happened on Monday. I was exhausted, physically drained and all but I’m glad I made the right decision to hang out with Shaz at our favourite hangout after her submission.

“Logic may take us from A to B, but imagination takes us everywhere.” I was really happy like I always am whenever we decide to have an impromptu chill-out session.

It didn’t end there.

That 15 seconds made me happier, Jas, really. Purely coincidental and I thought to myself, “Well, I guess I made the right decision to cab to school for the submission and then waited for some time before deciding to board the bus. I may have given up 7 bucks but I earned something greater in return, something priceless.” You know, it takes someone special to make me happy even without that person doing anything.

Today, I feel like I’ve got the whole world in my hand – a feeling I lost but now have found. Thank God for my best friend and my awesome friend. You guys don’t know how happy I was, to be smiling and laughing like the sky is limitless. Thank God for your existence.

Ms. Chua won’t be reading this but I’m also thankful for the deadline extension. Because of the 2-hour extension that I was able to spend quality time with Shaz and witness everything else fall into place.

Thank you.


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