Story of My Life…

My life has been pretty much occupied with work.

On the first day, I ended work at 7.30PM when it was supposed to end at 6.30PM (well, according to the agreement). The subsequent days didn’t get any better after that day.

8.00PM, 8.30PM, 9.00PM, 9.30PM, 9.40PM.

My schedule makes it difficult for me to spend time with my family and friends. There’s no way I can meet up with friends after work because it’d be too late at night. Sometimes, I’d ask myself, “why me? why not the other 2 interns from our school?” but then again, I guess everything happens for a reason. God must have planned something for me.

Though I cannot deny how exhausted I am, I have to say that I enjoy interning with my firm. Because of its small size, experiences are abundant. The veterans are friendly and helpful. They (including my boss) are humble people. Thank God for them. I am happy there. And I’ve definitely gotten used to going to work early and ending work late. (Only interns report to work at 9AM by the way!)

Do you know how it feels to be forgotten by someone you love?

Do you know how it feels to be neglected?

Do you know how it feels after failing to get just 10 minutes of their time, their attention without any distraction?

I’ve had too much on my plate, to the point that I have no time for anything else. But still, I took the time to ask about you because I cared. Isn’t it becoming more obvious now that the things that I do for you define ‘lameness’, while the things they do for you define ‘awesomeness’?

It looks like I haven’t contributed enough ‘awesomeness’ to your life for you to actually miss me. So I’m done.

You were upset when I ignored you. Should I be upset too that you always forget things that you said to me, the things you said you’d do for me? Not once, but always.  

I know we’re not as close any more, but do you realize how much I miss you?

You only spent 5 minutes on me before you got distracted with/by something else, with someone else. And again, not the first time.

I’m done waiting.

I loved you.  


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