(Briefly) Down the Memory Lane

With Internship waiting on us at our doors, I look back and reminiscence the fun and enjoyable moments I shared with my friends. Those moments were countable because of our conflicting schedules and I admit, I was always one of the busier ones. I felt bad because my friends had to accommodate to my schedule but at the same time and most importantly, I’m glad, thankful that we were able to spend some quality time together.

Psst, I’ve been going out every single day and it’s slowly becoming a mundane kinda thing. The internship’s not helping because we’ll definitely have to step out of house every weekday. Lol.

Here are a few of those moments, the ones that I can share and reveal via pictures:

(From the most recent one) No pictures YET, I went for the class BBQ cum chalet. Well, of course I did, I was one of the two organizers. Plus! Who’d actually give it a miss? No words can describe how awesome it was. Oh yes, my Sub-Comm and I did a surprise for Ms Cyn as well. Very well executed! Everything was worth it. – 8/9 to 10/9.

Law Arts Night

May and I attended the Law Arts Night. It wasn’t exactly the best thing that happened but I was glad we went for it, because it gave us more opportunity to spend time together.

Law Arts Night

First time doing something silly like this. Haha. Whatever that happened after we got home wasn’t exactly pleasant, on my side that is. I think I cut my own life short by what I did. Tsk. Oh and before going for this event, met Shaz for an ice cream treat at Swensen’s. Hehe. – 7/9/11.

3-in-1 Outing

 So we finally got to meet outside of school, like after a billion years. LOL. We went KBOX-ing, Starbucks-ing and then relaxed at SRC. Not enough time to do more things because May had to leave early. But it was still a great day!

3-in-1 Outing

 Must be one of the slow songs. Because it got crazy after this!

3-in-1 Outing

Dancing away. On that day, I really took on a few roles – soloist, backup singer, backup dancer. If there was a competition on being the best at doing all 3, I think I may have won the title. Hahaha. If you think I’m ‘crazy’, go with me to KBOX and I’ll show you the real definition of crazy. ;)

3-in-1 Outing
3-in-1 Outing

It really wasn’t difficult at all to take pics with me on that day. I was generous with my appearance. Very. LOL.

3-in-1 Outing

 And that to conclude the 3-in-1 Outing (only because I’m too lazy to go on). – 2/9/11.

May and I met up on 1/9/11 to get something done. And whatever that we did on that day, it’s still with me now. Things are definitely not going as planned. Oh well. We also went shopping! I witnessed a theft as well. I wonder how’s the sales assistant doing now. :\ No pictures because we forgot. Zzz. But we had fun! Lots.

Okay, I’ll just post upfew  random pics from now on.

Good Friday
Raindrops Cafe

Okay, I’m gonna end here because of the same reason – lazy. -___-

Internship = Busy schedule. More than ever. But still, if you guys need me to be with you, give me a call or send me a text message, just let me know, I’ll try my best to be there for you.

Love y’all.

Jen, I miss you so much.

Jas, I miss you too. I’m sorry.


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