Messed Up

This theme is called ‘Piano Black’ by its creator. I think it’s great. Piano is my favourite instrument, Black is my favourite colour.

VK was right to guess that black is my colour when we had our first APEL lesson.

I think school’s pretty hectic, I’m having a little bit of difficulty catching up. There’s a test on Saturday, THIS Saturday.

I don’t know what to comment on my social life. I didn’t feel good after posting the answers on her Wall, like how I did with many others. Though she requested for it, I’m quite sure that they weren’t what she was expecting.

Actually, I was quite disappointed with myself. I used to be confident, but I no longer am. If you were to ask me the same questions months back, I would have been able to answer them better, when my faith and confidence were at their peaks.

And for some reason, I’m sorry.

That aside, people have been testing my patience. Some people just don’t know where they stand, they don’t know their limits. That kinda thing never fails to turn me off.

And if you didn’t know, I HATE BOOTLICKERS. I can’t stand the act of bootlicking. It simply irks me.


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