Like a Failed Friend

She’s in a foul mood, and in fact has been for the whole week but there’s nothing I can do to make her feel better.

I want to be physically there for her but I can’t.

I feel hopeless.

All these while I’ve been focusing too much on whatever I’m experiencing – both the good and the bad. Although I did let her know that I’m missing her, it ended there. There’s only so much that I can tell her via FB.

I want to do so much more for her, like I used to, before she left.

And I got to know just recently that because we were so close, a few thought that it was as though we were in an open relationship. As new friends then, they thought it’s not possible that we could click so well and sing to the same tune. I took that as a compliment.

God please help her.

Now I know how my childhood buddies must’ve felt when I left for Singapore…


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