You Kick-start My Heart Once More

Yesterday was supposed to mark the start of a new beginning. Everything was going smoothly until I saw something I wished I didn’t. And that was when I was waiting for Shaz at approximately 8.35am.

Then thoughts and feelings that were once dead came back to life. I admit I was rather upset with what I saw and that had effect on my mood until I went to have lunch with Mummy.

One of the coolest things happened when we were buying things after lunch – Mummy ‘introduced’ me to someone she said I already know in person. I was surprised when I saw the person who once took good care of me when I was in Primary school. She was one of the school’s canteen vendors. She has aged so much since the last time I saw her. She reminded me of the good old times.

I went back to school and everything I did was according to the flow. It was that way until the last lecture ended. Something I didn’t expect to happen but it did. And it made me realize something.

Amidst the change, the confusion, the disappointment, I realized that I still mean something to someone else. That made me reluctant to walk away for good.

(EH WAIT, so many paper cuts! LOL)

I’m not leaving, but I’m not gonna stand at the front line either.

I’m just gonna be on stand-by.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, I think I should just quit school and start focusing on transcription works! Hahahaha. I’m getting far too many requests already. I had to turn them down but I still have people trying their luck. I feel bad but I really don’t have the time. Tsk!


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