It’s a Choice, Not Obligation

I’m officially emotionally attached to this whole matter.

First I couldn’t sleep and then I had diarrhoea in the morning. People like Fiona should know what it means when I have diarrhoea – I’m stressed, subconsciously.

Maybe you ask,

“Why bother spending your time thinking about something that doesn’t directly concern you?”

To be honest, I don’t know either. I don’t have an exact answer but if I were to provide you with one,

I’d roughly say,

“If it was someone else, an acquaintance or even an ordinary friend, maybe I wouldn’t be as concerned. And I can’t possibly shut my eyes, ears, mind and heart, and pretend like I know absolutely nothing.”

I’m not sorry for being concerned, I’m just sorry if it seemed like I’m poking my nose into your affairs and if my concern made you feel irritated or anything to that extent.

But trust me when I said that I felt helpless. I didn’t know whether to be angry or upset because honestly, it was both at the same time.

I know I’m in no position to be feeling all that way and I know I’m in no position to comment (but I still did anyway), so perhaps that was why I ended up tearing.

I didn’t expect things to turn out this way.

You’re not quite the person I once knew.

Where did you go? I miss you.

Tell me where you are and I’ll pick you up.



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