So Who’s Who? Figure Out Yourself

Looking back, I can’t believe I’ve been putting up with you for 2 years when no one else could.

You know, I get tired too. I grit my teeth and patiently put up with you, and sometimes, even hoping that some day you’d know your limits but that never happened.

I’ve either expressed or implied that you’ve been talking too much, to the extent that you turn people off. You’d ask for my advice on that but honestly speaking, what’s the use of asking people for advice saying you’d heed it but at the end of the day, nothing changes? You need to learn to hold back because if you didn’t know, whenever you start talking to someone, that person loses his/her interest almost immediately. I don’t know how else to tell you.

And the same goes for you, you’ve been complaining far too much. It turns people off too. They get annoyed with you, in silence. I keep telling myself that whenever you do that kinda thing, it’s all right because I’m never in any position to stop you from doing it and even if I was, what are my chances of succeeding anyway? When do you ever appreciate life? When do you ever give thanks for everything that you’re given, for the people who are willing to stick around you? And I mean, be grateful, thankful in a sincere manner, not just as a passing remark.

Apparently, telling y’all all the above was of no use because y’all chose to ignore me. Why? Because more often than not, y’all think that I’m too nice to be saying all that. “Nice people don’t say mean stuff.” No? And by the way, that’s not me being mean. I’m just being truthful. What’s wrong with being honest? It beats lying.

The truth hurts, a lie’s worse.

Sometimes I think it’s really not fair, people always want me to hear them out but no one really hears me out. Some merely listen. Know the difference between listening to someone and hearing them out?

And it isn’t just about me – I don’t mind if you’re still gonna think that I’m not being serious about this. What’s important are the other people around you.

It’s time you start thinking. Enough said.


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