I had my first tutorial (APEL3) yesterday. It was worth my anticipation.

I’ve got my parents to thank, why? Because they gave me a name that stood out from the rest and that it captured Ms Wendy’s attention. Honestly, that helped a lot. Her first impression of me, I mean.

(Then again, there’s a bad thing to that. If she likes calling my name, uses my name in examples, then won’t she do the same during CivilPro lectures? Unless there are people sitting in the Hot Seats. -.-)

APEL3 has been made my favourite lesson – I know I won’t regret saying it. When I asked to answer a question, I felt like I was appreciated, in a way or another. And when I answered the question, I didn’t feel awkward/nervous at all. I felt relaxed, like as I’m already used to answering questions. First time.

And so we have school from 9am to 5pm on Tuesday. I think it’s no big deal. As in, I don’t mind it at all. But I think I’ll have to have a heavy breakfast because there’s only an hour break (1pm to 2pm).

Quite a few things to be done!

See y’all soon.


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