You Can Read But Don’t Probe

I tend to indulge myself in food when I am :

1. happy

2. sad

Today, although I didn’t get to have a proper lunch, I indulged myself in food during dinner. I ate non-stop though I was already feeling bloated. And I called it –

O V E R – E A T I N G .

I was sad, in fact, I still am.

Ahh, don’t start guessing because I can tell you now that no one knows why. No one but me (and God, of course).

One of the bad things about me, I can console, counsel and be someone else’s ears but I can never seem to pour out my heart to another. Trust is one thing, I just can’t seem to fully express myself when I’m the subject matter. Plus, being close to me doesn’t mean that I’ll tell you everything about me.

Truth is, I’m selective.

Change is inevitable but it’s sad having to see how things have changed in such a short period of time. Things have changed and so have people. In that case, I should change as well, no? But in my case, for the better.

Truth is, it’s obvious that some things don’t mean as much to you as they mean to me.

Things were much simpler back then.

What have I gotten myself into?

You’ve changed so much, it feels like I don’t know you anymore. So I guess I’m all alone in this now.

Tonight, I’ll tear/cry over this. Tomorrow shall be my new start.


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