HAVE FUN, EAT MORE While We Still Can!

I’m gonna share with y’all whatever I can remember (you know when it comes to going for outings plus eating yummy food, my memory doesn’t seem to function as well, why? because the happenings were too awesome! hahaha).

Last Friday (15/04), I was at V8 Cafe, Bugis Junction. The food was really nice, thanks to Jas’ recommendation but I barely touched the fish – not because it didn’t taste good by the way (nothing to do with the food).

– No photos to share, haha. I’ll leave you to imagine. –

The next day, Saturday (16/04), I was at VivoCity with Nat and Jos. It was my first time meeting up with them after being absent from previous outings (if only the other 3 girls were with us). The last time we gathered as a group was on New Year’s Day. We had European & Mediterranean Cuisine at Fig & Olive for lunch , then we had Starbucks.

VivoCity > Plaza Singapura > Raffles City > Bugis Junction.

We walked for hours. Definitely a memorable day. The girls took me to a Chinese-Malay coffee-shop for dinner (at first they were afraid that I’d object because it didn’t suit me as a person, hahaha)

– I know I’ve said this before but here it goes again… this photo is a personal favourite. –

On Sunday (17/04), we had Western Cuisine after our church service. The food was very satisfactory, as usual! Then Mummy, Sis and I made our way to VivoCity to shop and have our afternoon tea. Contented!

– I can’t remember what took place on Monday and Tuesday –

The following Wednesday (20/4), I was at VivoCity as well. I had Korean Cuisine for lunch before catching a Japanese movie – Space Battleship Yamato (in Cinema Europa), in view of helping the Japanese economy. Though he was sorry for making the ‘wrong’ choice, I honestly thought the movie was great. Personally speaking, the movie taught me great values (true meaning behind friendship ties and bonds – once friends, forever friends “till death do us part”). It even made me tear. I’m not a fan of Takuya Kimura but he looked really charismatic! (hahaha). After the movie, I had Japanese Cuisine (おいしい). Everything was worth the time and the money!

– No photos to share –

Then on Thursday (21/04), I met Fiona at City Hall and then we made our way to Singapore Recreational Club. After her impromptu consultation at Funan IT Mall, we had our lunch at Pizza Hut. New menu! We tried out the new dishes and we didn’t regret it at all. 

Highly recommended – Cheesy Mussels, Grilled Chicken Parchment, and Soft Shell Crabbiatta (I’m not sure about this one, Fiona had this).

– I’ll update on yesterday’s outing later! Separate entry –


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