Lost, Indefinitely

Raindrops started to form puddles,

I tried reaching out for her,

But I couldn’t feel her anywhere.

Then it began to pour, and

with our token in my hand,

I stood right there, waiting.

For a moment I thought

she was close to me,


But when I came to my senses,

I realized that she was everywhere

but near.

– Verisa

The last two weeks have provided me with precious moments and invaluable experiences with the many people around me.

I did some thorough thinking as well. The things that I should do, things that I shouldn’t do in this new Year 3.

I’ve even decided to let some things go. Not because there’s a change of heart, but because sometimes in life, you need to learn how to let go. Let go things, let go of people.

I’ll be watching you from afar instead.

Things are just not the same any more. It’s sad but it’s okay.

Sacrifices, remember?

That aside, I’m actually quite looking forward to school. Maybe because I’ve identified who are new my classmates are. I think there are more than 20 of them – I lost count.

I foresee that I’m gonna be a changed person, in a way or another. But maybe I’ll still be stupid enough to let people take me for granted.

So yeah. I’ll be back to blog again either tonight or tomorrow. 


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