Soft Side

Everyone’s talking about Grandma right now because Mummy gave her a ring a while ago.

I swear to God she deserves to be treated, to be cared for so much better. I never liked the idea of her living with Daddy’s older sister and her family. If my family and I didn’t migrate to this country, she’d still be living with us.

I really miss her though she was here last year, I think. If only Grandad didn’t leave at such a young age… even Daddy didn’t really get to see him. The only time he was able to take a good look at his father was during the wake. But he was too young to understand anything about death then.

The first time I ever saw Grandad’s picture (which was taken a few years before his demise), I thought to myself,

“He was such a fine man, surprisingly charming too, but his smoking habit ruined everything. It’s sad.”

If I had one wish, I’d wish for an opportunity to see him. Just once.

Moving on…

I miss Grandaunt too (Grandma’s step-sister from Great Grandad’s first wife). She was the most amazing person I ever met. I’d say she was the best step-sister anyone could have wished for.

Wealth, fame and power meant nothing to her. Family meant everything to her.

One of the many reasons to why she’s my role model in life.

I remember how my family and I used to visit her after our Sunday service, every week, after lunch nearby her place up till one day before the day she left us. (Why am I tearing now? Must be the song I’m listening to right now. Haha) The day before she died, which I believed was a Sunday, Bro and I were right next to her as we were seated on the couch. She was immobile but sane and aware of her surrounding.

I was on her left, he was on her right. She held both our hands, looked at us and gave a smile. We all knew her time was running short but we didn’t expect it to be so short that she had to leave the following day.

I remember crying so badly underneath Mummy’s quilt, finding it so hard to swallow the fact and refusing to get ready for the wake.

When we arrived at our destination, my feet became heavy and stuck to the ground. I said a prayer, and stood before the coffin and looking in. I could see her but I couldn’t touch her. It was a heartbreaking moment.

Even today, I still tear at the thoughts of her. We shared an exceptional bond that goes on indefinitely. She may be gone but I’m sure she’s happy where she is right now – where she’s free from all critical medical conditions, and that is in the house of God.

Thank God for all the people in my life. Thank God for my two God Grandmas who also believe that wealth, fame and power are nothing when compared to having a family.

But apparently, not everyone shares the same understanding.

Okay this whole thing’s getting too nostalgic. Hahaha, I shall end here.

Cherish every one you love and treat them right. Appreciate their presence in your life.


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