Just For The Fun Of It

(Nothing should be taken personally)

I think I should really get myself a pair of stilts, like this one.

Or… no, wait, how bout a metal pair instead?

It looks high-tech, it looks cooler. (I love the COOL factor)

Okay, you may be wondering…what’s up with the stilts?

Two nights ago, Sis shared something with me, before she went to bed.

She said,

It was so funny seeing you and Jasmine hug each other.

And when I asked her why, she replied,

Because you had to tip-toe! You’re too short.

*bangs head* Actually I kinda predicted her answer but I just had to confirm. (Maybe I shouldn’t have since it’s to my disadvantage, lol, who am I kidding?)

Then she went on to say that she had to contain her laughter until we parted ways.

*bangs head again* I retorted,

But, but, she was wearing her heels! *pauses for a moment* Okay lah, even without them, she’s still taller…. like I told you before.

And Sis laughed her head off.

Nice huh.


So I’m gonna get a pair of stilts, I’ll see you in a month’s time.


You think it’s easy to walk on stilts? Maybe if you’re a stilts prodigy (is there even such a term?)…then it’s a different story.


I just realized that this is my first time having a best friend who’s taller than I am. My past best friends and I, we shared the same height. (Okay, this doesn’t sound cool but yeah…)

Now do you see how special you are?

(And what’s the link again?)


You know…I don’t even know what I’m talking about.


*turns into a puddle of water*


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