Post-Study Trip

As briefly mentioned in the previous entry, I’m back in Singapore after spending 10 days in the United Kingdom. Now, I don’t have pictures to illustrate points that I’m about to mention and neither do I plan to make this entry a lengthy one. I intend to post up two separate entries regarding the study trip.

Let’s start off with the general.

No amount of words can describe how magnificent the architecture and design works of the buildings are. My mouth became wide opened whenever I came across majestic view of any building that no picture can fully justify its value. (Now you know how much I love Architecture and Design, and to a point that even Ms Jean encouraged me to pursue it without further hesitation.)

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that the whole group of us (if I heard correctly, 44 students in total) was accompanied by 3 lovely teachers – Ms Jean, Ms Cynthia and Mr Ben. Our tour guide – Mildred, is from Fortune Travel Pte Ltd. I thank them all.

I thank God for the smooth journeys to the UK and then back to Singapore though there were frequent turbulence.

I thank God that I had no problems adapting to the new environment. I thank God that He kept us safe throughout the trip although I almost got knocked down by fast moving cars at least twice. Scary but the blame was on me since we all chose to jay-walk. I mean, even the locals do that too! And we were always rushing for time, moving from city to another, location to another.

You had no idea how hectic our schedules were. It didn’t feel like we were on a study trip, it felt more like we were escapees, fugitives or whatever you call it.

Before I end, I know some of you may be wondering if I did spend some time with Jas. Why don’t you keep that question burning till I’m done with the next entry? Because there’s something I wanna say, something in gravitas.

There was one thing that I learnt and I couldn’t have learnt it without going for the trip.

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