To say that she’s an awesome musician is an understatement. She’s beyond awesome! In fact, she’s the new definition of awesome.

1. She’s an amazing violinist

2. She dances, rocks out in her videos

Her videos are the definition of MUSIC, CREATIVITY and ENTERTAINMENT.

Check out her original composition – Crystallize – below! 

With more than 22 million views and approximately 360,000 likes on YouTube, you know she’s the real deal. It’s enchanting, captivating… it’s like you’re watching a movie in the cinemas! Thanks to Devin Graham for his amazing cinematography. Yes, he made it, all those crystal like features. Check his works out here –

Oh by the way, the video I just shared with you is dubstep music. Well, dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music.

With or without dubstep, it’s superb! 

Such a talented musician, she’s only 25 years old! As stated on her YouTube channel – Her kind of music will never get boring, even as time passes. She goes everywhere to film her videos, really cool don’t you think? She does collaborations as well.

Quick, go check her out! 

Would I say that she’s underrated?  Yes, she has only 658,310 subscribers. I think she deserves more though the number of subscribers doesn’t necessarily determine one’s popularity (some people may not have YouTube account). Then again, it’s YouTube we’re talking about. She needs like at least 1,000,000 subscribers!

Subscribe to her today and let her surprise you. 

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All Night Affair

I figure I should do something different ’cause sometimes doing something different is good.

Created a new category “Music Recommendation”, I bet y’all know what it’s gonna be all about.

Let’s begin with…



Singer/songwriter Dylan Ronan and his band are based in Boston, MA.

Stumbled upon this talented musician on Twitter, where I received a notification that my Twitter account was followed by AllNightAffair (

Check out one of his covers below: 

An original composition (I know the length of the video is 12 minutes but the song content isn’t! Don’t worry.) : 

How’s that? I hope his music is to your liking.

I really like “Love Struck”, there’s something unique about the composition.

Song writing is not an easy feat.

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Is it the end of law for you?

It’s the number 1 question that I hear these days, when I’m out with different individuals/group of people.

My question is, “So what if it is?” 

You (in general) may/must be thinking that I’ve wasted three years of my life studying Law. It seems that they fail to remember that it’s not just Law I studied. To put it accurately, I studied Law AND Management.

What is it that I wasted?

The word “waste” never once came to mind.

What’s so bad about pursuing a world class degree in Business and Management studies?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I believe that I’m putting what I’ve learnt into good use so that nothing will go to waste.  And yes, Business Law is supposedly one of the Year 1 modules but since I’m exempted from Year 1, I don’t have to go through it again. Lessons wise.

I respect my former peers who are currently pursuing Law and I sincerely wish them all the best in whatever they do.

On the Edge of Freedom


I think the above picture best describes the kind of freedom I’m experiencing. I imagine myself sitting on the edge of a cliff, with legs hanging down, eyes fixed on the sun, or a distance, as I breathe in the air that I am blessed with everyday.

Life is wonderful. Life is beautiful.

By saying that life is wonderful, I don’t mean that life is trouble-free.

By saying that life is beautiful, I don’t mean that life is flawless.

The good and the bad exist, but it depends on how you look at it. It all depends on your perspective. Life is as beautiful as you think it is; it is also as ugly as you think it is.

Now, who doesn’t yearn for freedom?

Whenever I see or think of the word freedom, I think of the people who never once experienced freedom. They may not even know that freedom exists.

I feel like I’ve had too much freedom lately. I’ve almost forgotten how it feels to dread going to work; to school, not forgetting the Monday blues though I’ve never really experienced it before. I’ve forgotten how it feels to be responsible for my best friends’ well being; how it feels to fret over the little things that I did or didn’t do for them.

I miss my best friends. I’m only mentioning my best friends ’cause I’ve met my other friends and my buddies. Best friends are supposedly the ones who are closer to you but it doesn’t work the same way for me. My best friends are always so close yet so far. Recently, I feel so distant from them. It’s like I don’t know where they are. I long for their embrace. I miss their presence.

Am I feeling that way because I’m one who’s on the edge of freedom? Too much freedom on my own. Everyone else seems to be always busy with something. I’m busy in my own way but I always end up being rewarded with some form of freedom.

When you miss someone, you find ways and make the effort to see them. Even if it’s just for a hug or a prep talk. I’ve always hoped to see my best friends again, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

But then again, who am I to hope for such things? After all, I’m someone who’s always on the edge of freedom; enjoying the splendour of life and wasting my time away. I’m not worth the time.

Nevertheless, life is wonderful. Life is beautiful. Thank you God.

“I think it’s important that we don’t all have to hold our heads high all the time saying everything’s fine.” – Nicole Kidman

“I think it’s important…

Back to School

The University assessment took exactly one week. The purpose of the assessment was to determine whether or not Year 1 (foundation year) is necessary for me.

Today, I received the supposedly “good news” that the university has granted me the exemption.

Good news?

I don’t really know because I feel insecure without my foundation year. What I have learnt in Law and Management is not a mirror image of what I’m going to learn later. I’d say that it’s 80% different. Plus, the modules introduced in Polytechnic are just the fundamentals.

Then again, I’m sure the University conducted the assessment very strictly while looking at my academic documents. There must be reasons behind their decision. I believe that God has it all planned out for me. All I need to do is obey and go through it. The power of prayers.

Which University and which course? 

University of Bradford (UK), Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business and Management Studies. But I won’t be studying in UK, I’ll be attending lessons in Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).


Truthfully speaking, it’s the only university which spoke to me the most. Again, it’s the power of prayers. It is the perfect university for anyone seeking a second chance.

I’ve gotten mine, let’s begin.

Does It Make Any Sense?

Uneasy when I’m uneasy. More uneasy when I’m right.

That’s what I tweeted last night.

And another was,

Your spotlight’s not meant to be shared with me. I can only be seen in your darkest hour and not when it’s the time for you to shine.

Most of the people I have met in my life expressed; showed me that everything’s about reciprocation which I always beg to differ. Whatever I do for people, I do them willingly and without wanting my actions be reciprocated with something good in return. If it’s otherwise, then many would be indebted to me.

I’ve been teaching my sister to love, give unconditionally. Do things for others without expecting something in return. It’s difficult, yet, but do what you gotta do and what you know is right.

It’s not about reciprocation, it never has been.